Bus Stop 2

Observe all the hectic goings-on at a normal bus stop:

Willi S. drives past on his way to work just as he does every day. Therese Weinlaub is on the telephone again to an acquaintance. Grandad Heinrich is settling down on the bench. Edda Weinstein is riding back to her little farm, and Heiner Nassir has got a cold as usual. Road sweeper Izmir ü. Bell is making sure that the pavement is kept clean, while Berni Bocker shoots past on his skateboard. Ottilie Blabber is taking her dog for a walk and Gundula Kiesel is complaining about everything again.

Of course, this isn´t everything that happens. It can take weeks, or even months, until you´ve seen everything.

The shareware version is exactly the same as the full version, but with just one slight difference: after about five minutes all the people go away and don´t come back again. Also some functions (for instance, your own posters) are not available.

Registered users receive a license key from us to unlock the shareware version. (Internet connection required)

Version 3.9.6 · 2016-03-03 · 6593 KB
15.90 EUR / 18.90 USD (Shareware · english/german)

System requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

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