Here they are:

The people who wait, walk past, stand or sit around at the bus stop, or who otherwise put on an appearance.

Willy S. (37, married)
A trained carpenter, he cut off three of his fingers in an accident at work. Since then, he has been working as a zookeeper at a local zoo. His biggest fear, however, is that one day one of the big cats could bite off his hand. Not long ago, a crocodile escaped from the zoo because he didn´t want to feed it. He is still being sought by the police, which is why he doesn't want to tell us his surname.

Robert P. Kucki (38, separated)
Spent 11 terms studying graphical design, then odd-jobbed for a long time as a signwriter. He was then appointed Art Director at a well-known Internet agency, where his main occupation was eating biscuits, putting on 27.8 kg in the process. Since being sacked, he has been working as a poster sticker and designing mobile phone logos in his spare time. One day, he wants to release a shareware CD.

Izmir ü. Bell (31)
Came to the country years ago as an exchange student, and simply stayed. Claiming to be in his 21st term of studying philosophy, he really works in public service. Here he philosophises about rubbish and why footpaths aren´t called feetpaths and why his parents didn´t want to christen him Socrates and, of course, why he isn't related to the inventor of the telephone, as then he wouldn't have to work any more and could spend all day philosophising and …
… and whatever, and where has the bin disappeared to? We did that pretty quickly.

Elfriede Zwuckel (49)
Never leaves the house without an umbrella, whatever the weather. Otherwise she´s rather forgetful. Often she will sit in the bus and totally forget where she wanted to go to. Four years ago (or was it four months?), she even forgot where she worked. Since then, she has taken the bus everywhere, trying to find her workplace. Who knows whether the company even still exists? Or whether it existed at all?

Gundula Kiesel (52, housewife)
Stands for hours by the road, complaining about everything, particularly about her husband who never comes home.

Edda Weinstein (57, widow)
Has a small farm not far away. She used to sell eggs at the market, until one day her husband was found dead in the chicken coop. After this, she frightened off all the chickens and tore it down.

Anton M. (26)
Studying theology and sociology, he apparently lives off bananas.

Bernie Bocker (11, schoolboy)
His mother gave him a skateboard to get him out of the house. Since then, he hardly ever comes home, doesn´t do his homework, and gets poor marks at school. He used to want to become a scientist when he grew up, but now he dreams of a career as a professional skater.

Ullrich P. Sommer (16, schoolboy)
Always has to take packages to the post office for his grandma. At least it means that he gets out a lot more, which he desperately needs by the look of him.

Heiner Nassir (29, plumber)
Always has a cold because he is forever getting wet at work. That´s hardly surprising as he never remembers to take the pipe washers with him.

Thomas K. (24, probably a student)
Likes hanging around in shady places. Nobody really knows him, and nobody knows what he does.

Rüdiger Wuether (46) and Ludger Sauerwein (58)
Best mates ever since Rüdiger was a little boy. We couldn´t find out any more - heh, that hurt...

Oscar Maybaum (63, pensioner)
Only recently stopped working at a brewery. Now he he really enjoys his leisure time, preferably drinking a pint in the pub.

Tonio Spinato (9, schoolboy) and Sabrina Roxy (8, schoolgirl)
The two neighbours are in the same class at school and are absolutely inseparable. They want to get married when they grow up.

Mario Schmitt (10, schoolboy)
In kindergarten they used to call him Super Mario because he would liked to have been Superman. Now he would like to join the fire brigade. Once he almost burned the house down. Since then, his mother always sends him to his grandmother whenever he has been playing with matches.

Richard H. (?)
The police officer H. wouldn´t tell us what he does for a living, his age, nor his surname, apparently for reasons of data protection. He dreams of a career as an undercover agent at the FBI, CIA, MI5 or somewhere ...

At carnival time, Richard H. really goes over the top, dresses up as a clown, and doesn´t go to work for days on end. His superior doesn´t know this, though, as he isn´t there either.

Felix Tryck (21, in love)
A trained florist, he would like to open up his own flower shop. Earns a bit on the side by delivering flower greetings.

Friedbert von Reissig (45, single)
A slightly scatterbrained teacher at the local comprehensive, who still lives at home with his mother. She always hoped that one day he would become a professor. He would much rather have become a forester, because he loves deer. Instead, he enjoys going to the pub, where the walls are decorated with a large number of antlers and the publican has an unlimited supply of Jägermeister.

Hansi O. Mann (47, married) works at the Registry Office, Norbert Müller (50, married) head of the planning department, Friedbert von Reissig (45, single) teacher
These three have been close friends since their schooldays, and regularly go out for a drink together.

Otto Bissmark (52, married)
When he won the lottery a couple of years ago, the first thing he did was to quit working as a lorry driver. A pity, actually, as he was a really clever driver, who really blossomed in his job. He repeatedly demonstrated his excellent knowledge of the local area to other road users by moving into the right lane miles before turning off.

Otto Bissmark (52) and wife (29)
The couple met two years ago at a shop where they played the lottery and got married almost immediately. She has been nagging at him for ages to set up the haulage company he is always talking about. She probably only hopes that he will occasionally take to the road again himself and give her a break for a couple of days.

Alfred Kanone (51) and Rosie S. (23, single)
Officially the owner of a construction company (in road building), in reality he is actually a pimp.

Gaby Blond (23, unattached)
A former presenter at a small regional TV station, she hopes that one day she will be discovered as a film star. It would be great to get a role with James Bond, wouldn´t it? To be sure! Every day she does herself up to the nines. After all, somebody could chat her up on the street and invite her to a casting session.

Rosalinde S. (23, single)
Claims to be a singer, model and actress. Perhaps she is in her dreams, although she actually mainly works at night (she isn´t prepared to reveal anymore than that).

Peter Klack (49)
Freelance photographer. Used to be a press photographer, and can´t stand it when people jump around in front of his camera. Now he owns a camera shop, and has been working for a long time on a book project, although he won´t go into details. For this reason he stays in the background, and is only rarely seen with a camera.

Peter Klack (49) with assistant
The two photographers never tire of looking for new subjects to capture on film. Even at night they scour the streets.

Easter Bunny
Unfortunately, he always hopped away whenever we wanted to ask him a couple of questions. Anyway, he only turns up at Easter. Perhaps we´ll have more luck next time!

Father Christmas
He only muttered something into his beard which sounded like Forgotten the presents, and then ran off again. But we know when he will be around next, don´t we ...

Nat S. Cape (36)
Used to be employed as a field worker for a major American IT company. Since being sacked, he spends most of his time hanging around the pub.

Luis Dringer (47)
Used to be a cosmetic surgeon, but after totally botching an operation on his own wife, she divorced him. Since then, he has really gone off the rails.

Father N. Oster
He didn´t want to reveal his first name. Can´t imagine why not ...

Street musicians
They consider themselves the best musicians in the world. They think they are really brilliant and can play any instrument you could think of. Hardly. They haven´t got through a superstar casting yet. They haven´t even been able to think up a name for their band.

Rainer Zuphal (59, widower)
Former gatekeeper. When he comes into his local, he always greets everybody with Aye, who would´ve thought it .... He is so thrilled with his name, that his only son is called Woody, as well.

Hardy Gutmann (47, married)
The odd-job man. He is a caretaker and helps out wherever he can. He has no problems at all repairing alarm systems, computers, or even beer pumps.

Eckhard S. (73, married)
Former bailiff. Since becoming a pensioner, he makes cuckoo clocks and enjoys going for walks.

Jan Bulakowski (29)
As a meter reader, Jan gets around a lot and always has a good story to tell. Recently he read the meter for a lady living on her own ... It would be better if you asked him about it yourself.

Jakob Mueller (48, baker)
Is always in a rush and never seems to sleep. He sent us straight on our way again when we knocked on his door. It smelled as though something was burning ...

Joseph Blauman
A trained carpenter, he works on the night shift at a well-known car factory. He enjoys spending his free time at his local pub.

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